• Large frequency range:300kHz to 3GHz(AT3230/ AT3231), 300kHz to 1.5GHz(AT3215) • Large dynamic range:>125dB(IFBW=10Hz),130dB typ. • Low ...

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AT3280 has more wide frequency,300kHz to 8GHz,more large dynamic range, Full Two-PortsS-Parameter measurement,a high performance VNA. It has high accuracy,good stability, highmeasurement speed. it can be widely used for microwave device measurement in wirelesscommunication, radar device and semiconducto r,etc.
• Large frequency range:300kHz to 8GHz • Large dynamic range:>130dB(IFBW=10Hz),135dB typ. • Low noise level: <-125dBm(IFBW=10Hz) • Low ...

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Máy phân tích mạng vector - VIA Echo

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Máy phân tích mạng vector

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Máy phân tích mạng vector để bàn Transcom T5230A (300 kHz - 3.0 GHz)

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PLANAR TR1300/1 is a 2-port, one-path vector network analyzer intended for the measurement of S11 ...

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Máy phân tích mạng Protek A338,

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