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Máy Phát Dạng Sóng DDS AT8603B

Code: #AT8603B

Sweep Function signal Generator

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Máy Phát Dạng Sóng DDS AT8603B


Stability and reliability 
Convenient keyboard operation 



High precise for frequency,high stability.

Purity waveform,small distortion

Non-transition process,fast frequency change-over time

Non-limitation on ranges:Unnecessary to changes ranges,frequency covering factor can be 108

Sweeping characteristics:Many kinds of sweeping modes are selectable and can pause randomly,LED will display the current frequency value;can sweep meticulously on narrow band;can set initial frequency,terminal frequency,sweeping steps and time internal

Modulation characteristic:It has amplitude modulation function,the modulation signal can be generated by either inner signal source or outer input,and the depth is adjusted and will not be affected by carrier wave frequency and out put amplitude;

Convenient keyboard operation

Stability and reliability


Technical specification


Frequency Range:1Hz~3MHz

Resolution:less than 1MHz:0.01Hz and more than 1MHz:0.1Hz

Frequency tolerance: ≤±(5*10-5+0mHz+1d)

Frequency stability: ≤±50ppm(-40°C~+85°C)(use the low temperature drift crystal oscillator with PLL phase-lock circuit).Costom-made can be done if frequency stability requires to be ±20ppm or less




Sine-wave,TTL Level Square Wave

Waveform amplitude resolution

10 bit

Sine wave harmonic distortion

-40dBc Frequency <1MHz,-30dBc frequency 1MHz

Sine wave THD

<1%(high resistance,1kHz)

TTL level square wave raise time


Square wave overshoot



Amplitude characteristic

Amplitude range

10Vp-p-16Vp-phigh resistance)5mVp-p-8Vp-p


3 Digits

Amplitude Error

≤(5%+100mVp-p)(high resistance,1kHz,1-16Vp-p)

Amplitude Stability

≤±5%(1hr,high resistance,1KHz,1-16Vp-p)


≤±0.5dB(≤100KHz), ≤±0.8dB(100KHz-1MHz) ≤±2dB(1MHz-2MHz), ≤±3dB(2MHz-3MHz),(less than 1Hz the frequency amplitude is unstable)

Output impedance


TTL level output characteristics

Low level:0.3V;high level:>4.2V(high resistance)


Drift characteristcs

Drift Range

0V-±6.4V(high resistance),0V-±3.2V(50Ω)


50mV(high resistance)

Drift Error

<±(5%+100mV)(1hr high resistance)


Modulation characteristic

Amplitude Modulation


Modulate waveform

Sine wave:400Hz±10%

Modulation depth


Modulation source

Inner modulation source,outer modulation

Outer modulation characteristic

Input impedance 600Ω

Input level

The modulation depth is 50% at 0dB

Input frequency response



Sweep characteristics

Frequency sweep mode

linearity,Logarithm(During frequency sweep,the frequency and amlitude value will be displayed synchronistic ally,and can stop at any sweeping point,It will go on sweeping or restart after pausing)

Sweep Rate:Sweep rate 0.02s-5s/step,5-digit can be set

Logarithm sweeping characteristic:Logarithm Sweeping characteristic 100 points per 10 Times Frequency Ranges.


General specifications

Display:8-digit LED display with FV,AM,SWEEP,MHz,KHz,Hz,%/s indicator and very range

Power source:AC220V/110V±10%,frequency:50Hz/60Hz, ±5%

Operating temperature and humidity:0-40°C,30~70%RH



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