Thiết bị kiểm tra relay HTI 50A-3PH

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Thiết bị kiểm tra relay HTI 50A-3PH

Code: #HTI 50A-3PH

Thiết bị kiểm tra relay HTI 50A-3PH

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Thiết bị kiểm tra relay HTI 50A-3PH

Clear and simple user interface

3 phase current output

0-50A per phase output current

True RMS digital metering

Memory ammeter

Multi-function timing system

Auxiliary metering input

Large back-lit liquid crystal display

Thermal and over-current protection

Compact and portable

220V 3f or 400V 3f supply options*

115V-440V 3 wire supply with

optional supply transformer

50A-3PH Specification

Main Output

The main output on the unit has  two taps, allowing the selection

of output voltages up to 18V and output currents up to 50A.  

Range             Continuous      5 minutes        1 minute         

3.5V                 16A                    32A                50A                    

18V                  4A                      8A                  12A                    

The above intermittent on times must be followed by an off time

of 15 minutes, and are based on an ambient temperature of 25°C.


The  output  is  metered  by a  digital  true  RMS  system  with  a

memory ammeter  - whenever  the  timer stops and  the output  is

switched  off,  the  current  reading  is  held  on  the  display.    The

currents for each phase are displayed simultaneously. 

Range             Resolution       Trip current    Accuracy

5.000A             0.001A             5.25A             ±0.6%rdg+5d

20.00A             0.01A                 21A                ±0.6%rdg+5d

50.00A             0.01A                 52.5A             ±0.6%rdg+5d

A  current  trip  is  automatically  set to 105%  of  full  scale  of  the

current metering range to protect the device under test.

Auxiliary Metering Inputs

An auxiliary metering input is provided which is able to measure

RMS voltage or current.  In addition the frequency of the external

input may be measured, and  the phase measured between  any

of the phase outputs and the auxiliary metering input.

Setting                           Range               Resolution        Accuracy

Volts ac                         270.0V             0.1V                   ±0.7%rdg+5d

Amps ac                        5.000A             1mA                   ±0.7%rdg+5d

Phase ±180°                 0.1°                  ±3°

Frequency                     20-1000Hz     0.1Hz                 ±0.2%rdg+1d

The current input is protected by a F6.3A fuse.

Auxiliary Output       

A single phase isolated 110Vac 300mA/220Vac 150mA auxiliary

output is provided on the 50A-3PH.

Lead Set Specifications

The 50A-3PH is supplied with a lead set in a plastic case including:

6 x 3m 4mm2 

output leads terminated in 4mm plugs.

2x3m, 2x0.5m 2.5mm2

 auxiliary leads terminated in 4mm plugs

Supply Requirements        

The supply voltage requirements for the unit must be specified at

the  time  of  ordering.   The  unit  is  available  for  operation  from

either a 400V 4 wire 3p supply or 220V 3 wire 3p supply.  The

optional  delta-star  supply  transformer  allows  the  400V  unit  to

operate from other supply voltages.

Supply option 1:          400V-10%+14% 50/60Hz 3ph 1000VA

Supply option 2:          220V-6%+14%   50/60Hz 3ph 1000VA

RS232 and T&R Link

An RS232 port is provided to allow connection of a printer or PC

and  the T&R  link  output  provides  a phase  lock  reference  for  a

DVS3 phase-shifting voltage source

Timing System

Range             0-999.999s                  Resolution       1ms

Accuracy         0.01%rdg+2d (+4d current operated mode)

The  contact  circuit has an open  circuit  voltage of 24Vdc and a

short  circuit  current  of  20mA.   Each  contact  circuit  will  auto-

select  for  normally  open  or  normally  closed  contacts.   A  DC

voltage  of  24-240Vdc may  also  be  used  to  trigger  either  timer

channel. The  output  is  automatically  switched off  at  the end  of

the test to safeguard the relay under test.

The following functions are provided:

Mode                             Timer Start                  Timer Stop

Internal start                 Press ‘ON’                    Contact 1

Single contact              Contact 1                      Contact 1

Dual contact                 Contact 1                      Contact 2

Current operated        Current > 10%            Current < 10%

                                      of range                        of range

Pulse  mode  is  used  for  setting  the  current  level  in  devices

sensitive to heating, and allows current to be injected for 600ms

and the current recorded.

Current  operated  mode  operates  on  one  output  phase


Protection and Safety

The  unit  is  protected  by  electronic  over  current  and  duty  cycle

trips  on  the  outputs,  thermal  monitoring  on  the  power

components,  and  fuses  on  the  input  and  regulator.    An  earth

terminal  is provided  for connection  to a  local earth.  The unit  is

designed to comply with BSEN61010, and is CE marked.

Temperature Range           

Storage            -20°C to 60°C               Operating        0°C to 45°C

Dimensions                                      Weight

380mm x 314mm x 221mm               21kg

Including handle and corner protectors                  


Operating manual, output lead set, mains lead, spare fuse set

Optional Accessories

Delta-Star  supply  transformer,  filter  unit,  printer,  ADMlog

Windows PC software.

Optional Delta-Star Supply Transformer

The optional delta-star supply  transformer allows operation from

115V, 230V, 400V, and 440V 3 wire  supplies,  is  selected by a

switch  on  the  unit.    An  auxiliary  single  phase  output  is  also

provided  to  supply  power  to  a  DVS3

voltage source.

Input:               115V, 230V, 400V, 

                        440V  ±10%  3  wire

                        3 phase 1500VA max

3f output:       400V 4 wire 600VA 

                        1 min on/15 min off

1f output:       230V 300VA              

                        5 min on/15 min off

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