Thiết bị kiểm tra relay HTI 100ADM-F

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Thiết bị kiểm tra relay HTI 100ADM-F

Code: #HTI 100ADM-F

Thiết bị kiểm tra relay HTI 100ADM-F

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Thiết bị kiểm tra relay HTI 100ADM-F


· Forces test current to a sinusoid

· Improves timing accuracy when testing

electromechanical relays

· 0.25A-100A ranges 

· High overload capability

· 50/60Hz operating frequency

· High efficiency

The  100ADM-F  filter  unit  reduces  the  level  of  current

harmonics when testing electro-mechanical protection relays. 

It  is  designed  for  use with  our  range  of  secondary  injection

test sets.

All  electromechanical  protection  relays  have  iron  cores  that

saturate and distort  the  test current under high overload  test

conditions.   This  distortion  causes  significant  errors  in  the

measured trip  time of  these  relays during  testing.  Distortion

of  the  waveform  can  be  a  particular  problem  with  disc

induction type over-current and sensitive earth fault relays.

For  example,  testing  a  CDG11  disc  induction  over-current

relay  without  a  filter  causes  significant  timing  errors.    The

results  below  show  the  errors  for  a  1.3s  1A  CDG11  over-

current relay on its 0.5A plug setting, tested at 5A.

  Current  THD  Trip time  Error

No Filter  5A  34.5%  1.54s  18.5%

With Filter  5A  6.12%  1.30s  0%

Current Filter Unit


The  100ADM-F  has  nine  current  ranges  covering  0.25A  to

100A  and  is  supplied  in  an  insulated  case  complete  with

protective cover and carrying strap.

Current Ranges and Ratings


                        Range               Continuous      5 min on/          

                                                   rating                 15 min off         

                        0.25A                 0.125A           0.25A    

                        0.5A                   0.25A               0.5A                   

                        1A                      0.5A                 1A         

                        2.5A                   1.25A               2.5A      

                        5A                      2.5A                 5A         

                        10A                    5A                    10A       

                        25A                    12.5A               25A       

                        50A                    25A                  50A       

                        100A                  50A                  100A     


The  unit may  be  used  at  either  50Hz or 60Hz,  selectable by  a

switch on the front panel.

Range Selection

The lower ranges (0.25A-50A) are selected by a switch, and the

highest current range (100A) is selected by a terminal.

Current Monitor

A current monitoring output is provided that gives an output of 0-

100mA corresponding to the rated current for the range. 

Filter Unit Impedance

Range                           Impedance (W)

                        50Hz                  150Hz              250Hz              350Hz

0.25A             880W                17.5kW           30.4kW             41.5kW

0.5A               220W                4.38kW           7.65kW             10.3kW

1A                  47.7W               950W                 1.65kW             2.25kW

2.5A               7.8W                 150W                 250W                  360W

5A                  1.94W               38W                   65W                    90W

10A                510mW             9.5W                  16.5W                 22.5W

25A                85mW               1.5W                  2.5W                   3.6W

50A                22mW               380mW            650mW             900mW

100A              5.5mW                95mW                165mW            225mW

Temperature Range          

Storage            -20°C to 60°C

Operating            0°C to 45°C

Dimensions                                    Weight

340mm x 230mm x 330mm               15.6kg


Current monitor plug and lead

Optional Accessories

100AL lead set

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