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HTIFADOS9F1 Circuit Board Tester for Electronic

Cards Repair


9 Features:

1. Double-channel Fault Detection (VI Graph)
    Comparing solid and faulty card without giving energy
2. Fault Detection by Comparison from Memory
    By recording solid card to memory, comparing faulty card from 
3. Equivalent Circuit Diagram **
    Composing R, C, or Diode Circuit Diagram according to the point 
4. Measuring of Resistor, Capacitor, and Diode **
    Feature of measuring the value of touched point 
5. Double-channel Digital PC Oscilloscope
    As occasion may require, device can be used as oscilloscope
6. 0.2... 25KHz Square Wave Signal Output
   Ch.1 is used as oscilloscope and Ch.2 is used as signal generator
7. Analogue Voltage Output (2,5 mV Sensitivity)
   Ch.1 is used as oscilloscope and Ch.2 gives analog voltage output
8. DC Power Supply Output with Adjustable Voltage and Current  ****
   For giving energy to card and creating Power DC Voltage-Current Graph 
9. Non Touched IR Temperature Sensor ****
   For detecting more heated components and draw out heat map of card.
**     These Functions are Unique Features of 7F1 and 9F1
**** These Functions are New Unique Features of 9F1
FADOS9F1 was added 2 unique features. First feature is integrated DC power source. It can be adjusted between 0-16V and 20-1500mA with power output; DC voltage/current graph of electronic cards power is created. Second unique feature is IR (infrared) non-touched temperature sensor for detecting more heated components. Using together 2 new features, it is possible to some of detecting failures to decreasing during 5-10 times. These features can be used as new technique fault detection.
In this technique, power cable is connected the input of solid card and set maximum voltage. Click “Power Test” button; software creates 100 mV steps DC voltage-current graph from 0 to Vmax. and saves a file.After waiting a few minutes, it will be easy to detect more heated components and draw out heat map of electronic card.
For testing faulty cards; solid electronic graph opens. Maximum current is determined and after click ‘Power Test’ button, created faulty card’s supply graph. If more current is suffering from faulty card with IR Sensorby controlling the temperature of the components that more heated components are determined in a short time. If the faulty card is less current, in this case supply line is open circuit likely. In this case, open oscilloscope screen and find line which does not get energy and broken-line is easily detected. If the faultycard and solid card has same graphs; in this case opens VI tester screen and finds faulty with it.
FADOS9F1 is uses for microvolt measurement and also to for adding multiplexer module, it has an output port. FADOS9F1 is designed multi-functional products for thinking any condition the needs of users. FADOS9F1 includes 5 – 6 different products features and is more advanced, innovative, unique a product.
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Giá: Liên hệ

Kiểm tra và chuẩn đoán các lỗi của bo mạch

Giá: Liên hệ

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