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Kiểm tra bo mạch TR8100LV

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Kiểm tra bo mạch TR8100LV

The full-featured TR8100LV is TRI's top-of-the-line board test model for large, complex PCBAs. 

  High-fault Coverage Test Solution
  Digital 1:1 Driver/Receiver per Pin Architecture Design
  Most Competitive Rapid Test Speed
  Powerful Boundary Scan Test (1149.x) Solutions
  High Transportability and Repeatability
  Supports Low Voltage Device Test Capability
  Modularized Test System
  Open Source Code Structure
  Maximum test pins: 5632pins


Reliable, Effective Vacuum-Type Test System
Vacuum fixtures provide the most reliable connection between the fixture and the DUT (device under test). The TR8100LV's vacuum system ensures full contact during testing between test pins and the test points on the PCBA.

All Test Pins Are Analog/Digital

The TR8100LV supports up to 3,584 analog/digital test pins using a MUX-free 1:1 per-pin architecture. TRI's efficient design means all pins are drive/receive: there is no multiplexing, no wasted pins. This lowers system cost for large pin-count devices and allows for fast test program development, as no vector model is required before fixture development. Engineering changes to fixtures are simpler and cheaper to perform.

TR8100LV Control Board and Switch Board Layout

On-Board Programming for Flash & PLDs

On-board programmable components, such as Flash memory and other PLDs (Programmable Logic Devices) can provide board designers and manufacturers great flexibility and cost savings. TRI helps reduce component inventory and handling costs by allowing these devices to be programmed during the test phase instead of being programmed off-line and then assembled onto the PCBA.
TR8100LV On-Board Programming (OBP) Board
No Access Test Solutions
TRI board testers are already prepared for the reduced test access found on more and more PCBAs. The TR8100LV fully supports the IEEE 1149 Boundary Scan standard as well as other innovative solutions such as ToggleScan™ developed in-house.


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