Thiết bị đo tỷ số biến TTR 771

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Thiết bị đo tỷ số biến TTR 771

Code: #TTR 771

Thiết bị đo tỷ số biến TTR 771

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Thiết bị đo tỷ số biến TTR 771


Model TTR 771 Transformer Turns Ratio Test Set

Product Features:

  Test range wide, the highest can reach up to 10000.  

  Accurately measures ratio, phase deviation and exciting current

  highest accuracy can up to 0.1%

  Suitable for single phase, three phase and Z-shaped connection transformer.

  Fast test speed, completion TTR test of three-phase transformer within 11 seconds.  

  Blind test for turns ratio and groups.

  8 output terminals, including neutral point

  Data display, storage and output

          LED display test procedure and data. 

          Data printing

          480 groups of data storage

          RS485 for PC remotely controlling the


          USB port for exporting the test data to U



           Wrong connecting protection for High-voltage terminals and low-voltage terminals.  

           Wrong connecting protection for 380V input power supply

           Short Circuit protection for both transformer and its turn-to-turn.

           Small size, light weight.

Technical Specifications:

           Range & Accuracy

Sampling Voltage















  resolution: minimum 0.0001

  power supply: AC220V ± 10% ,50/60 ±1HZ  

  the use of temperature: -20 ° C to 40 ° C   APT○ r

     relative humidity: ≤ 80%, no dew

  Exterior size :320mm×275mm×140mm (instrument),

395mm×240mm×250mm(test leads)

  Net Weight: 4.5 Kg( instrument), 6 Kg(test leads) 

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